The Warrior Cork Yoga Mat

The Warrior Cork Yoga Mat has just dropped, this beautiful yoga mat has been made in a family run factory in Portugal with locally grown Portuguese cork – the highest quality cork that you can get.  Cork is one of the most eco-friendly fibres that exists since it comes from then bark of the cork trees and removing the bark helps the trees to thrive. Cork is an amazing material to practice yoga on because its 100% natural and un-dyed so you won’t be absorbing any toxins through your feet, it also has a wonderful smell too.

It's smooth underfoot but gets gripper as you get hotter, we recommend spraying it with a little water to begin with. The underside of the mat is made from ethically grown, natural rubber which makes the mat incredibly sturdy under foot.

We have designed this mat to be 4mm thick so it provides extra cushioning.

It also comes with its very own Warrior Addict storage pouch.

The mat measures 175cm x 64cm and is 4mm thick.

Size chart
Size Chart