Large Mats

Hey there, fellow long-legged legends! Tired of yoga mats that play hide and seek with your feet? Say hello to our super-sized mats, all stretching beyond 180cm. These mats are so long, they've got their own zip code! Plus, they're not just lengthy, they're drop-dead gorgeous and eco-friendly.

The Benefits Of Large Yoga Mats

Beyond the standard 172 cm (68 inches), large yoga mats range from 180 to 213 cm (72 to 84 inches) and they can improve and greatly enhance your yoga experience.

Ideal for taller people, a larger yoga mat, offers extra space for full stretches without your legs extending outside of your mat.  

In crowded studios, the extra length also provides personal space, minimizing distractions and fostering focus.

Choosing a larger yoga mat not only caters to physical needs but also promotes a deeper mind-body connection, creating a sense of spaciousness and freedom. With added versatility and room to explore so opting for a larger yoga mat can improve and transform
your practice.

By Judes Emanuel ( Founder of Warrior Addict )