Travel Mats

Take your Yoga Mat with you wherever you go with these beautiful Travel Yoga Mats that fold up into a large bag or suitcase.

Travel Yoga Mats

Going away on a yoga retreat, on holiday or need a light-weight yoga mat for travelling around a city? then we have your back. We have curated a selection of beautiful travel yoga mats designed to be easily transported, weighing less than 1.6 Kilos so they fit easily fold into your suitcase or a large bag.

The travel yoga mat base consists of 100% Natural Rubber (sourced from Thailand) and from sustainably farmed, non-Amazon tapped trees. Free-from plastics, foams, and metal fillers. The top layer is made of a soft vegan suede polyester, which is made from Recycled PET Bottles and printed with Water-Based Ecological Inks. 

They measure 183 CMS (6ft) x 66 CMS with a 1.7 mm thickness and weigh just 1.6 kgs.

They have been designed by artist and fellow Yogi – Kati Kaia and have been taken from art that she has designed to use colour as a form of healing or energy transformation, for example, her Orange & Yellow Aurelia Travel Matis designed for to be uplifting and energetic.