Mens Yoga Tops

Shop our selection of men’s yoga tops including our acclaimed Inversion Tech®  - Tops That Don’t Ride Up’  so that you can do your handstands without your top flapping over your face.

Mens Yoga Tops By Warrior Addict

We have designed these mens yoga tops for men that do yoga. All of our yoga tops use an eco-friendly fabric that is made from a mix of Organic Cotton and Lyocell (wood pulp), this fabric is light-weight, has a four-way stretch and is naturally sweat-wicking (no nasty chemicals added here ). We have designed our mens yoga tops which include Mens Yoga T-ShirtsMens Yoga Vests , Mens Long Sleeved Topsand our coveted Inversion Tanks to be a snug but not too tight fit so as to move and stay with your body during your yoga practice.

Our best-selling Inversion Tanks – are vest tops that do not ride up , using a special hidden waistband to keep them in place.

All of our mens yoga tops are made in Europe in small quantities so as ensure that we do not over produce.