Cork Yoga Mats

Shop our Cork Yoga Mats  - made with lots of love in Portugal with natural, un-dyed cork. 100% eco-freindly and extra bonus .... they smell amazing. 

Cork Yoga Mats By Warrior Addict

Our Warrior Cork Yoga Mats

Get ready to Cork & Roll !!! 

Our cork yoga mats are about as eco-friendly as a yoga mat can come. Frist of all the are made in Europe –not China, so they carry a much smaller carbon footprint in terms of shipping, they are made in a small, family run factory that by Pedro ad his team which we have visited on several occasion so we know that the makers of your mat are paid fairly and are happy. The cork is grown in Portugal and is taken from the bark of the cork tree, it is therefore 100% renewable and taking the bark from the tree actually helps it to grow ! The cork is untreated with no nasties so you will not be absorbing any nasty
chemicals under foot.

Cork is naturally anti-microbial, soft and it is anti-slip but we do recommend that you spray the mat with a little water before you start your Yoga practice because this makes the mat even more gripper. The base of the mat is made from ethically soured, natural rubber, this gives the mat it’s thickness and stability.

We have purposely designed a large cork yoga mat that is also thick, this
will give you extra comfort and stability during your yoga practice.

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