Selene Mala Set

Experience the  positive energy of these stunning Mala Beads in the Selene Necklace & Bracelet set, carefully curated with Moonstone, White Agate, Rainbow Moonstone, Sandalwood, and Sterling Silver 925. Each bead in this collection holds a unique essence:

Moonstone: Embrace the feminine energy of Moonstone, enhancing intuition and promoting emotional balance, guiding you toward self-discovery.

White Agate: Symbolizing purity and harmony, White Agate brings tranquility, fostering a sense of calmness and grounding in your spiritual practice.

Rainbow Moonstone: Reflecting the spectrum of light, Rainbow Moonstone encourages creativity and emotional healing, aligning you with your inner light.

Sandalwood: Infused with a soothing fragrance, Sandalwood promotes relaxation and mental clarity, creating a serene atmosphere for meditation.

Sterling Silver 925: Representing clarity and balance, Sterling Silver amplifies the energies of the other beads, harmonizing your spiritual journey.

Handcrafted with love by a female artisan community in The Holy City of Rishikesh, situated at the foothills of the Himalayas, these Mala Beads echo centuries-old techniques passed down through generations. By choosing these beads, you not only embrace tradition but also empower artisans to support their families through fair wages.

Mala Beads have been revered for their ability to swiftly bring individuals into the present moment, serving as a potent tool for mindfulness.

As a special offering, your Mala Beads come with access to an online beginners meditation course.

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Size Chart
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