Prometheus Yoga Mat

Shop this gorgeous extra thick and large yoga mat by Kati Kaia.Introducing a stunning eco-friendly yoga mat designed to enrich your practice using color therapy. Made from sustainably sourced natural rubber and recycled water bottles, this mat is printed with durable, non-toxic dyes, reflecting our commitment to the environment.

Immerse yourself in the balance of soft marks on this vibrant mat, creating an energetic and invigorating practice from the ground up. The passionate red mark-making abstract adds a creative touch, igniting your practice from your toes up. Embrace a tribal energy as you bring this fiery spirit into your yoga class, feeling deeply connected and grounded, from the base chakra to the crown.

In color therapy, red is often used to dispel negative thoughts and release anger. It is best suited for areas where energy should be high, as it stimulates and invigorates.

Composition - Sustainability - Size:

The yoga mat base is composed of 100% natural rubber sourced from Thailand and sustainably farmed, non-Amazon tapped trees. It is free from plastics, foams, and metal fillers. The top layer is made of a soft vegan suede polyester, derived from recycled PET bottles and printed with water-based ecological inks.

This mat is extra large at 183 cms (that's 6ft!) in length and 66 cms in width, weighing 3.2 kgs. Its is also extra thick at 4.5mm. Elevate your yoga practice with this eco-conscious and vibrant yoga mat, connecting with both nature and your inner self.

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Size Chart

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