Nyx Mala Bracelet

Introducing  this stunning NYX Japa  Mala Bracelet, a powerful fusion of Black Obsidian, Black Onyx, Blue Quartz, Rudraksha beads, and Sterling Silver 925. This bracelet is designed to elevate your energy, guiding your mantras, breaths, or affirmations to enhance grounding and communication.

Black Obsidian: Known for its protective properties, Black Obsidian shields against negativity, promoting clarity and self-discovery.

Black Onyx: A stone of strength and stamina, Black Onyx provides support during challenges, enhancing determination and inner strength.

Blue Quartz: Calming and soothing, Blue Quartz facilitates clear communication and expression, encouraging harmony and understanding.

Rudraksha Beads: Revered for their spiritual significance, Rudraksha beads are believed to have healing properties and create a protective aura around the wearer.

Handcrafted with love by a female artisan community in The Holy City of Rishikesh, situated at the foothills of the Himalayas, these Mala Beads echo centuries-old techniques passed down through generations. By choosing these beads, you not only embrace tradition but also empower artisans to support their families through fair wages.

Each bracelet comes with access to an online beginners meditation course, providing you with the tools to start your path towards tranquility.

Size chart
Size Chart
Color: Turquoise & Black
Turquoise & Black