Nephele Travel Yoga Mat

A beautiful eco-friendly travel yoga mat by Kati Kaia, designed to be lightweight and easily foldable to fit inside your suitcase. Made from sustainably sourced natural rubber, recycled plastic water bottles, and natural dyes, Kati Kaia utilizes the power of color therapy to deepen and enhance your yoga practice.

She describes this mat as "Lemon and lime clouds dancing across the sky," inspired by the beautiful nature surrounding her artist's studio. The mat features colors reminiscent of white blossoms, lemons, and limes over sea-foam skies, offering a sweet and bright treat for your senses to accompany you on your journey.

Green, the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, is a significant element in this mat. In healing, it is considered the most relaxing hue, helping alleviate anxiety, depression, and nervousness while promoting new growth, rebirth, and harmony.

Composition, Sustainability, Size:

The Yoga Mat's base consists of 100% Natural Rubber sourced from Thailand and sustainably farmed, non-Amazon tapped trees. It is free from plastics, foams, and metal fillers. The top layer is made of soft vegan suede polyester, derived from recycled PET bottles and printed with water-based ecological inks.

These mats measure 183 cms (6ft) x 66 cms, with a thickness of 1.7 mm, and weigh just 1.9 kgs, making them both practical and environmentally conscious. Elevate your yoga practice with this beautifully crafted, sustainable yoga mat from Kati Kaia.

Size chart
Size Chart
Color: Turquoise