Auriela Travel Yoga Mat

Travel Eco Friendly Mat With Strap. Feel-good oranges with an electric kick! Our beautiful new energetic AURELIA mat hits with dopamine uplifting yellow, orange and white, our Ibiza sunset dream.

This Travel mat will take you from the Hot Yoga Studio to beach side Savasana with bright, sunset vibes. When rolling out your eco mat these colours work with the Sacral Chakra, which can help to build confidence and self love on and off the mat! Easily folds in hand or hold luggage, unfold upon arrival. Great paired with the Erytheia Yoga Pad for portable extra cushioning.

Orange Therapy: This colour is linked to the Sacral Chakra in energy work. Opening the Sacral Chakra can boost creativity, manifested desire and confidence.

Composition - Sustainability - Size 

The Yoga Mat base consists of 100% Natural Rubber (sourced from Thailand) and from sustainably farmed, non-Amazon tapped trees. Free-from plastics, foams and metal fillers. The top layer is made of a soft vegan suede polyester, which is made from recycled PET bottles and printed with water-based ecological inks. 

They measure 183 cms (6ft) x 66 cms with a 1.7 mm thickness and weigh just 1.9 kgs.

Size chart
Size Chart
Color: Orange