Root Chakra Men's Necklace

Sustainably made for spiritual gents, our Root Chakra Men’s Necklace is a striking piece of birthstone jewellery inspired by Muladhara, the first primary chakra. Ethically made in silver, it features a ruby embellished charm suspended on a Cuban or Snake chain. It is the perfect chakra necklace for men.

Sterling silver and faceted Ruby (0.3cm stones), Silver cuban curb chain available in 20" or 22" or silver snake chain in 20", 22" or 24", July birthstone necklace, Diameter: 1.4cm and depth 0.3cm

The root chakra, Mulhadara, is the foundation of the chakra system and located at the base of the spine, acting as the very heart of your safety and security on this earthly journey. When your root chakra is open, you’ll feel calm and anchored to reality. The deep red ruby stone in this pendant is perfect for ensuring the balance of Mulhadara, which is associated with rejuvenating red, to stimulate positivity and cloak the wearer in loving safety.


Size chart
Size Chart
Chain Length: SNAKE CHAIN 20"