Just Sleep Essential Oils Aromatherapy Blend

Are you in search of a natural solution to help you relax and get a peaceful night's sleep? 

Consider the benefits of aromatherapy and look no further than Just Sleep Aromatherapy Blend. Our expertly crafted blend of natural and pure essential oils is designed to soothe your mind, reduce stress, and prepare your body for a restful night's sleep.

Enriched with the uplifting scent of bergamot, calming notes of geranium, and the soothing essence of lavender, our blend exudes a sweet and aromatic fragrance that calms the nerves and eases tension. The core of our composition lies in 100% pure lavender and frankincense, two powerful ingredients renowned for their ability to promote relaxation, ease anxiety, and help you unwind.

Whether you're dealing with work-related stress or looking for a way to alleviate anxiety and improve your sleep quality, Just Sleep Aromatherapy Blend offers a natural solution. Indulge in the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy and savour a peaceful, rejuvenating sleep like never before.

CAUTION: Keep out of the reach of children. Do not consume or apply directly to the skin. 


Just Rock Himalayan Salt Crystals

Add a drop of Just Sleep aromatherapy blend to the jar of Just Rock Himalayan Salt Crystals and breathe in. Place the jar on your bedside table, and use it as needed.

Room Vaporisers

• Use with room diffusers and wellbeing pods; add up to five drops of Just Sleep Aromatherapy Blend.
• Alternatively, use with essential oil burners, with a saucer fixed above the stand with a candle - fill the saucer with hot water, add up to five drops of Just Breathe or Just Sleep Aromatherapy Blend and light the candle to keep the water hot enough for the oil to evaporate. Top up with water and oil every 3-4 hours. Remember to always place the essential oil burner on a steady, safe surface out of the reach of children.

Inhaling Essential Oils

• Cleanse the skin thoroughly, then boil some water. Place 1 litre of boiling water in a heat-retaining bowl and add 3-5 drops of Just Sleep Aromatherapy Blend to the water's surface. Sit comfortably and bend forwards over the bowl. Have a large towel ready to drape over your head and trap the steam. Stay under the towel with your eyes closed until the steam cools, then add more boiling water to evaporate any remaining essential oils. Inhaling pure natural essential oils with warm steam in a small space means you get maximum benefit in a minimum time.

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