Yoga Mats


Shop our curated collection of luxury yoga mats, all of our mats are eco-friendly but not only that they have something which makes them stand out, whether it’s their vibrant colours, print or the story behind them, please take the time to look and see why we think that they are awesome.


Luxury Yoga Mats

Welcome to our Yoga Mat Shop here you will find eco-friendly yoga mats that are all sustainably and ethically made using either natural materials such as rubber and cork that have been sustainably sourced or recycled materials such as recycled polyester that is used as the top for any of our micro-fibre/ vegan suede yoga mats. Our Kati Kai yoga mats go one step further and use water-based, soluble inks to dye their mats. They are all non-slip mats and are superior quality for your comfort. All of our yoga mats come from UK and European Female-Founded brands and are made in small batches to avoid over production.

We sell an array of yoga mats, including;  Large Yoga MatsWide Yoga MatsThick Yoga MatsTravel Yoga Mats,  Cork Yoga Matsand Yoga Mat Pads.